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What is My-Apps.com?

My-Apps.com is online mobile application constructor which allows any user in few clicks create his own application for all mobile platforms.

How much does it cost?

Your app will be paid via monthly subscription and our prices are sufficiently lower than on the market.

How to use My-Apps.com?

1. Visit My-Apps.com.
2. Press "Get started" button.
3. Choose desired app type.
4. Create your application in 5 simple steps, according to the hints on the screen.
5. Publish your application!

What features will be included in my application?

Features list depends on app type and grows every minute.
At this moment you can choose from about 20 blocks and modules which include:
- Business card
- Photo Album
- Blog
- Catalogue
- Map
- Event Schedule
- Ordering System

Can you add to my app some features not supported by builder?
Yes, but cost of app development will drastingly increase.
What is "White Label"?
"White Label" is a special solution where all references to My-Apps are omitted so you can distribute your app with your logo and under your brand.
Our subscription plans vary in cost and services amount. If you buy annual plan we grant you 20% discount on all our services. If Apple moderators won’t approve your app to App Store in 6 weeks we refund you in amount of 400 rubels and shift to “Basic” subscription plan.
Formal Offer
What can I upload to my application?

Photos, pictures, text - anything you can imagine. In addition, you can connect your social network account, blog, and Twitter.

What application types can I create?

You can create over 10 various applications for business and personal means. My-Apps.com will suggest some possible types but any module or block can be added to any app.

How many applications can I create with My-Apps.com?

At this moment you can create over 10 applications of several types and administrate them from one account.

To what devices can I upload my application?

iOS and Android application versions will be in few days, after approval at AppStore and Google Play. Besides, just created application is available in Apps Viewer!

On which behalf and with which certificate app will be published?
App will be published with our certificate.
Can I later change publishing certificate without any content and users losses?
Yes, that is allowed by new Apple policy. Currently we negotiate with Google, regarding that issue.
Payment Security
If you choose this payment method on my-apps.com site you will be prompted to payment form of PayU processing center to enter your bank card credentials. All data entered in payment form of PayU processing center is secured in accordance with PCI DSS security standard. We receive payment information only. To E-mail you’ve entered in payment form will be sent payment authorization message. After payment completion you will be prompted back to our site. Payment information takes several minutes to be processed. If processing delays please contact our office: 8-800-200-32-62.